By the the four week of conflicts between Ecuador and Per, there are not hopes of possible solution. Although environmental and human right groups have being working for a diplomatic solution; both countries are living in a growing environment of violence and every day there are more victims.

In Ecuador, several indigenous communities, which have decided not to leave their motherlands, have being bombed. They have denunced the used of chemical weapons. In non-indigenous areas, all the woman and children have being evacuated. It is possible that the current militar strategy is to eliminate the amazonic forest to facilitated the battle in an open field.

Different sectors of the civil society have proposed to create a binational area in which the indigenous rights and the environment are assured, and to restore the areas which have being affected by the war. The conservation of the Amazonia and the defense of the indigenous people must be object of global concern.

The silence and ambiguity of the international bodies are not acceptable, especially now, in the decade of the indigenous people and of the environment. It is very important to joint every effort to consolidate the peace.

You could help us by asking your government to demand the related international organizations to participate and effective in a more active way in the pacification of the Upper Amazons.

To can direct your letter to:

Minister of Foreign Affairs of your country

Department for Disarmament Affairs, Geneva Branch, Palais des Nations, CH-1211 Geneva 10


United Nations, New York,
N.Y. 10017, USA

and please distribute this letter to others people.

Yvonne Yanez
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