Resolutions of the People's National Parliament of Ecuador

1. To install the People's Parliament of Ecuador as a request for democracy and plurinational representation, legitimate and sovereign: the People's Parliament of Ecuador is a permanent organ of decision and resolution. It assumes the preparation of transition to the NEW GOVERNMENT.

2. This Parliament does not recognize the set of measures announced by Jamil Mahuad and calls for civil disobedience and the raising up of the people until succeeding in the revocation of the President and his Government, National Congress, Supreme Court of Justice and the Organisms of Control and the establishment of a government of the people.

3. The People's National Parliament of Ecuador assumes as a mandate the preparation of the Alternative Program of Government, for which they summon to strengthen the work of the provincial and district Parliaments.

4. The Parliamentarians of Ecuador's people, in representation of the 22 provinces of the country and of the discussed proposals at the district and provincial level, ratify the necessity of a total change of the neoliberal model for a fair, responsible, environmentally sustainable economy, that recognizes plurinationality and cultural diversity, productive and democratic, directed towards human development.

5. The people of Ecuador, represented in this National Parliament, resolve to practice and develop democracy, real, with true participation and directed towards a political model, under the principles of AMA KILLA, AMA LLULLA, AMA SHUA.

6. The People's Parliament at the provincial, district level, of the people and nationalities of Ecuador and the People's National Parliament of Ecuador, will function in a permanent manner in the whole country, and will be the organ of political-democratic representation and resolution of the MANDATE of the people.

7. The people of Ecuador call on the Armed Forces to respect and support the actions and decisions of the provincial indigenous-popular Parliaments and of the People's National Parliament of Ecuador, for being a legitimate expression and the Constitutional Sovereign Power of the People.

Given and signed in Quito, capital of the Republic of Ecuador, in the session of the People's National Parliament of Ecuador, January 11, 2000.

Mns. Alberto Luna Tobar. S.

Antonio Vargas
Vice President

Napoleon Saltos

Manuel Castro