Facts About Ecuador
Map credit: Magellan Geographics www.maps.com
1996 Total Population of Ecuador: 11,466,291
            45-55%  Mestizo
            30-40%  Indigenous
            10-15%  White/European
            5-10%    Black
            Population of Otavalo  50,000   

            90%  Roman Catholic
                    1%  Protestant
              9%  Native Religions

            Agriculture and Industry
            Petroleum Export: began in 1970's with the
            Trans-Andes pipeline.
            1994 GDP of Ecuador:  $41.1 billion

Foreign Trade
            The United States is Ecuador's leading trade
            LAFTA (Latin American Free Trade Agreement)
            was founded by Ecuador and is composed of
            several Latin American countries.
                The agreement works to improve economic
                and social conditions of  the trade groups
                member countries.
                Free Trade in Ecuador
            1/3 of Ecuador's labor force is in agriculture.
            1/5 of Ecuador's labor force is in manufacturing
            and construction.
            A small percent of the labor force is skilled

A Space Shot of Otavalo, Ecuador

(Information on this page taken from Microsoft Encarta '98 Encyclopedia)